NB: December buying policy

As this is a particularly busy time of year for us, we are currently BUYING BY APPOINTMENT ONLY until the new year.

Please contact us at selling@janusbooks.ca or call us at 226-486-1255 to set up an appointment.

We may be able to make an exception if you have only a handful of books (say less than a dozen) and we’re not too busy, but please keep in mind the closer we get to Christmas, the busier we get.

How To Sell Us Books

  1. The Basics
  2. The Process
  3. Staff Specialties

1. The Basics

We buy books from the public for cash or trade credit

  • We are offered thousands of books each month.
  • We are very selective when we make a purchase.
  • We only buy what we think we can sell.

Factors we consider

  • Condition (Stains, water damage, warps, tears, or smells will eliminate a book from consideration)
  • Stock level (How many copies do we have? Are we overstocked?)
  • Demand (How popular is it? Can we sell it?)

What we’re always looking for

  • Recent Bestsellers
  • The Classics (Penguin Classics, Modern Library, etc.)
  • Popular fiction and genre fiction
  • High-quality non-fiction
  • High-quality books for children of all ages
  • Oddities and and unusual books that are in demand
  • Award winners (Newberry Medal, Pulitzer Prize, Nobel Prize, etc.)

Items we RARELY buy

  • Antiquarian books (Exceptions: Classic works by famous authors in excellent condition)
  • Large sets (E.g. encyclopedia sets and Time Life sets. Exceptions: Complete sets of classic authors such as Charles Dickens, Shakespeare, etc. may be of interest.)
  • Textbooks (We are not interested in most course textbooks, e.g. Psychology 101: 27th Edition. Exceptions: We are interested in high-quality primary and secondary academic works, especially in philosophy, mathematics, and some other disciplines.)

Items we NEVER buy

  • Magazines and ephemera
  • DVDs, CDs, puzzles or games
  • Reader’s Digest Condensed editions
  • Ex-library books
  • Harlequin Romance

2. The Process

We have a 5 step process that allows us to quickly evaluate your books.

  1. Send us pictures or a list, if possible.
  2. Bring us your books.
  3. Wait while we look them over.
  4. Choose cash or trade credit.
  5. Complete the paperwork.

1. Send us pictures or a list

If you have more than a handful of books, sending us pictures or a list will save everyone time. If you have less than a dozen or so we can probably look at them anytime, but emailing us may save you a trip.

If you can, take pictures of what you have and email them to us. You do not need to photograph each book individually – all we need is to be able read the title and author from the spines. Feel free to photograph a whole shelf or stack at time.

If you are unable to take pictures, consider making a list of what you’ve got. For each book we need to know at minimum the title and author and if it’s paperback or hardcover.

Email us at selling@janusbooks.ca

If you are unable to take pictures or make a list, please contact us so we can let you know if what you have is the sort of thing we are interested in.

2. Bring us your books

If you have less than a dozen books or so, we can look at them almost any time. If you have a larger number, please email or phone us so we can be ready to process your books and not keep you waiting.

When transporting your books, consider the weather. Rain and snow can damage books; make sure they are covered.

3. Wait while we look them over

To save you the hassle of dropping your books off and then coming back, we will look at your books right away. Most of the time this will only take a few minutes, unless your have a particularly large or unusual collection.

4. Choose cash or trade credit

We will make you a cash offer and a trade credit offer. We offer 50% more in trade credit than cash. We can also do cash/credit split if you prefer.

5. Complete the paperwork

We require a signature from an adult when we are making a purchase. We may also ask for photo ID – please make sure you bring some.

3. Staff Specialties

All of our staff members are able to purchase books at their discretion. We all purchase according to the same guidelines and pay the same amount for books.

That said, some of us have more knowledge in certain areas. If you have a particularly specialized collection, we suggest contacting the relevant specialist, listed below.



  • Science fiction and fantasy
  • Noir, pulp and crime fiction
  • Biology and paleontology
  • Spanish literature



  • Graphic novels
  • Children’s and teen books
  • Writing, journalism and literary criticism
  • Self-help and psychology
  • Theatre and plays



  • Science and mathematics
  • Technology and computing
  • Business and economics
  • Art and photography
  • History and politics
  • Philosophy and religion
  • Nature, the environment, sustainability
  • Chess

Still have questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or get in touch!

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