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A Heartfelt Thank You!

Spring flowers.
Daffodils spotted while out on delivery
Wow! It’s been an amazing 10 days!

We launched our online store on April 7th, and the response has been incredible. 

Since then, we’ve delivered over 300 books to every corner of the city, to houses big and small, to apartments, condos and townhouses.

We trudged up stairs, braved elevators, and dodged dogs. We spotted cows, construction cranes, and spring flowers. We also saw dozens of handmade signs expressing support for those who continue to serve our community. We had conversations through closed doors and across streets, and witnessed your “happy dances” on porches as you discovered your books.

We haven't been able to stop and chat as often as we’d like, but we’ve exchanged lovely emails and text messages with many of you.

We also tested half a dozen different types of masks, and several types of sanitizer and disinfectant — and washed our hands more times than I can count. We saw eldercare workers enforcing physical distancing, and met people bringing supplies to their homebound neighbours.

Needless to say, it’s a been a little different than our normal routine.

I want to extend a deep and heartfelt “Thank You” to everyone who has placed an order, or otherwise offered their support. Every purchase, big or small, is an affirmation of the value you see in what we do. Your encouragement and kind words have helped enormously during these difficult times.

We’ll be continuing to offer free daily delivery in Guelph, and we’ll be making an announcement soon regarding curb-side pickup.

We’ve also added gift cards to the store. These are pretty cool — you can print them, or email them to a friend or loved one. To redeem a gift card, just enter the code when checking out. You’ll even be able to use them in-store when we re-open. 

This is just the beginning! Please consider subscribing to our newsletter. We’ll keep you informed with updates, exclusive offers, new arrivals, reviews and more. You‘ll receive about one email per week. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Thanks again for your support! 2020 hasn’t gone quite as planned, but we are looking forward to brighter days ahead.

Wishing you all the best,

Kieran Dunn
Owner, Janus Books

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