Curbside pickup or FREE DELIVERY in Guelph!

About Janus Books

A display table at Janus Books


Established in 2012, Janus Books has a long tradition of buying and selling high quality second-hand books in beautiful downtown Guelph. We carry more than 15,000 carefully curated books in excellent condition on a wide range of topics, from recent bestsellers to hard-to-find curiosities. 

We are currently closed to the public due to COVID-19. We are, however, selling online through our catalogue with FREE DELIVERY in Guelph.

For up-to-date news and information, please review our blog.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. I have books to sell/donate, are you accepting books?

A. Due to an abundance of caution, we are not taking in any books right now. We intend to resume buying after we re-open the store and it’s safe to do so.

Q. I’m a little nervous about online shopping with my credit card. Is your site secure?

A. We’re not payments security experts, so we went with a company who is! We use Shopify, an established Canadian company that provides ecommerce solutions to more than a million customers worldwide. For more information, read about Shopify PCI Compliance. Short answer — yes, our site is secure!

Q. I’m looking for a specific book that I saw in your store, but it’s not listed online. Do you still have it?

A. We are adding new books regularly, but it’s going to take awhile to get our whole inventory online. Please contact us, and we’ll check the shelves and prioritize it for you.

Q. Are you doing delivery beyond Guelph? What about curbside pickup?

A. At this time, we are only delivering in Guelph. We hope to expand our delivery options down the line. We are, however, offering curbside pickup.

Q. Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

A. That’s not a question. We are, however, working on a weekly newsletter to keep you up to date with everything we’re doing here, including store news, book reviews, new arrivals, and more. You’ll find a button at the bottom of the page where you can subscribe and be notified when this is ready.