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Janus Books Chooses Renewable Energy

Bullfrog powered business. We proudly choose renewable energy.

Janus Books is now powered by the wind!

I am very pleased to announce today that we’re reducing our carbon emissions footprint and supporting renewable energy in Canada by choosing green electricity from Bullfrog Power.

Across Canada, Bullfrog’s green electricity comes from a blend of wind and low-impact hydro power, sourced from new Canadian renewable energy facilities. In Ontario, in 2020, 100% of the power generated came from wind.

According to a recent article in Forbes, "wind power has a carbon footprint 99% less than coal-fired power plants, 98% less than natural gas, and a surprise 75% less than solar. "

Check out Bullfrog's website for more information about How it Works.

This is just one step in our journey towards sustainability. If you have any suggestions on how we can do better, please let me know at or reach out on social media.

Kieran Dunn
Owner, Janus Books

For more information on our journey to sustainability, see our new page: Sustainability at Janus Books. 🌱